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Body any place has different organ to existing, what is so alvine left? Alvine and left organ is more, fall colonic, second shape colon, bladder, rectum be in alvine left, although do not have an eye,these place are in on the body but the role with also rising very important. Bladder is to store the place of uric fluid, understand next other together not crooked what is the effect that has on the body.

What is alvine left

1, alvine and left it is what place – fall colonic

Fall colon begins from colon lienal music, perpendicular come downward shape of Yu Yi of planar add of left Qia Ji is colonic. Long about 25, 30cm. Peritonaeum is enclothed two side are reached before its, have now and then fall knot mesentery. Fall there are demand of a nerve, energy or ovarian blood-vessel and left kidney to wait at the back of colonic, inside has left ureter, ahead has small intestine. In fall colon is cutShanghai noble baby

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When eliminating technique, should notice to avoid the loss of left kidney and ureter.

2, alvine and left it is what place – second shape is colonic

Second shape colon is long make an appointment with 40-45cm, continue of place of Ji of smooth left Qia falls colonic, show ” second ” the glyph bends orSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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“S ” form bend, to the 3rd Di divide with a hyphen at the end of a line is before vertebra at rectum, outside the person that normal person divides celiac wall heavy panel, in left next abdomens can touch, show a bit smooth, strong drum record, degree of finish is like the candle, children because of the age different and degree of finish differs, without tenderness. Second shape colon can produce inflammation and tumor, children is scarce. Cannot when palpation, can make inspection of lens of second shape colon.

What is alvine left

3, alvine and left it is what place – rectum

Rectum is from anus genesis up a paragraph of large intestine of 15cm. All round rectum greasily fat, even if take,do not have, be located in the back side of bladder and reproductive organA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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. Anal artery blood is offerred mainA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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It is the artery on the rectum that comes from mesentery to issue artery, come from inside Qia arterial rectum median and come from inside Qia below arterial rectum arterial. But have a few scholars and tumor organization in recent years, the clinical guidance that is like surgery of ASCO(2001 knot rectum) , NIH, NCI advanced anal new idea.

What is alvine left

4, alvine and left it is what place – bladder

Bladder is sexual organs of flesh of shape of cone form bursa, be located in the forehead of ossicle pelvic cavity. Adult bladder is located in inside the pelvis, for the organ of fluid of make water of one keep in storage. Infantile bladder is taller, be located in abdomen, its are cervical and adjacent; of pubic combination upper edge is controlled to 20 years old, as a result of pubic enlargeLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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, of sacrum part evolve, accompany those who be the same as the pelvis to tilt reach deep broadness, bladder falls gradually namely to the pelvis inside. Empty when the cystic bodily form that show awl, the appearance when be full of turns into egg circle, coping but upper edge of tower above pubic bones. Adult bladder capacity is 300 ~ 500Shanghai noble baby

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Fluid of Ml make water. By bladder inside the face has triangular area, call cystic triangle, be located in two ureter mouth and urethral inside mouth 3 person even the line between. Cystic bottom, have urethral inside mouth, cystic three-cornered two hind go up horn is ureter ringent place.