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Suffer from on scabies is to be able to bring about the skin to appear acuteness Sao is urticant, especially in the late evening, sao is urticant especially more serious, the infectivity of scabies is very strong, want to avoid to affect scabies, in must notice the individual is wholesome at ordinary times, the sanitation with good nurturance is used to, diligent bathe, seasonable clip fingernail, once discover oneself suffer from,go up scabies, must undertake in time keeping apart, is scabies serious illness?

 Scabies is serious

Is scabies serious?

Scabies is the skin disease of osculatory sex infectivity that causes inside cerebral cortex is expressed in human body skin by scabies mite, transmission is popular between the person that the contact can be reached in the family, clinical expression has papule blister and channel with the place with tender skin, scrotal Sao urticant sex is nodal, nightly Sao is urticant addForum of Shanghai night net

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Drama is a characteristic, scabies passes direct contact by person scabies mite and infect, also can use the clothings that pass through the person and infect secondhand, scabies is accompanied not just have acuteness Sao urticant and still have infectivity, must have treatment actively.

The cure to scabies can choose common treatment, choose the besmear outside sulfureous ointment, from the neckLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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The ministry is the following systemic daub, and hot water soap is used after end of period of treatment bathe, change in time the garment by strong, the clothing and other articles of daily use that changes is disinfected with water boil or scald insolates, can choose sulfureous ointment ointment, can use narrow illuminate of ultraviolet ray of chart medium wave kills bug cure.

 Scabies is serious

The dietary health care of scabies

One, of scabies nurse daily

1, notice the individual is wholesome, diligent bathe, change underwear frequentlyShanghai night net

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, often wash dry clothes.

2, discover the patient should keep apart proper treatment in time. After the patient is cured, should observe 1 week, did not appear new patient’s condition just calculates cure, because development of sarcoptic mite egg isA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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3, family and dormitory discover a patient, answer to be treated at the same time, ability avoids to be infected each other and make the illness relapses.

4, after contacting scabies patient, play to wash his hands with soap or brimstone black, lest infect. Scabies patient uses the dress that pass, bedding, sheet, pillow towel, towel, all need boil disinfection, or in this world1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Light falls to insolate adequately, so that exterminate sarcoptic mite and bug egg.

 Scabies is serious

2, the principle of dietary build up one’s health by rest and by taking nourishing food of scabies

1, dietary appropriate is delicate, eat vegetable and fruit more.

2, appropriate eats the food with clear hot wet advantage more, be like towel gourd, wax gourd, balsam pear, purslane, red bean of celery, Ma Lan head, lotus root, watermelon, Job’s tears benevolence, gram, bare.

3, do not eat or have the hair thing such as pig head flesh, hotpot, goose, shrimp, crab, mustard less, lest stimulate leather damage and add urticant touch.

4, do not eat too acrimony exciter, be like chili, plain flavour chaffy dish, high wine kind wait, lest accentuate,Sao itchs symptom.