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Bronchitic infect? A lot of beside the person that has bronchitic patient, have such doubt. In bronchitic patient, cough is the circumstance that appears necessarily, and certain bacteria can exist inside expectoration. For poor to body strength person, infection bacterium may be very simple, this is the problem of individual constitution, cannot reach this kind of disease has infectious verdict, the property of it and epidemic is different, and won’t be affected.

Bronchitic infect

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Bronchitic pathogeny

1, infection: Can by virus, Shanghai Long Feng forum

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The bacterium is affected directly, because the virus of infection of acute the upper respiratory tract or bacteria spread,also can cause this disease. Common cause diseaseShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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The bacterium is flu coccus of bloodsucking bacili, pneumococcus, streptococcic, grape. The slave blocks bacterium infection to increase somewhat. The afterwards on the foundation that often affects in virus sends bacterial infection, in airframe tracheal – when bronchus function is damaged, come on.

Bronchitic infect

2, physics, chemical element: Super-cooling air, dust, excitant gas or aerosol (be like nitrogen of carbon dioxide, 2 oxidation, ammonia gas, chlorine) inspiratory, right tracheal – the Yi Ke such as stimulation of acute of bronchus mucous membrane is caused.

Bronchitic infect

3, allergic reaction: The larva of the common inspiratory; hookworm that sends cause of disease to include spore of pollen, organic dust, fungus to wait, ascarid is in; of lobar divide with a hyphen at the end of a line or protein to the bacterium allergy, cause tracheal – the reaction of the allergic inflammation of bronchus, yi Ke causes this disease. Injury of cell of hyperaemia of mucous membrane of tracheal, bronchus, oedema, cilium falls off, put oneself in another’s position of mucous membrane gland is large, secretion increases, have lymphocyte and soak of neuter bead cell. IfShanghai noble baby

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Bacterial infection, secretion can show mucous pus sex. The structure of the mucous membrane after inflammation subsidise and function are recoverable normal.

4, underlying factor: Function of respiratory tract defence drops, mix to induction air temperature namely the adjustment of humidity action;Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Bronchus mucous membrane is reached to the secretion of bronchus of adhesion action; of inspiratory eyewinker mucous1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Destroy and the defence action of cilium campaign system cannot be worked normally.