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Fingernail is unbalanced this kind of circumstance is to cause the armour mother of fingernail to pledge and the reason of armour bed brings about, armour bed goes the forehead calculates what can affect fingernail to grow, and infection appears after fingernail is injured, also can cause fingernail occurrence acute, we should want to go to a hospital undertaking elimination handling, the method that adopts plastic next undertakes repair fingernail, avoid fingernail to appear in development process functional disorder, and avoid1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Development occurrence break.

 Plastics of fingernail deformation rehabilitate

The growth of general fingernail depends on the situation that armour mother reachs armour bed character, armour mother pledges injury of the bed that reach armour is short of caustic to be able to affect the growth of fingernail even. Simple nail is taken off grow easily again commonly new, if be injury more serious and time so long, Shanghai Long Feng forum

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The proposal reachs a hospital dermatological department or plastic hairdressing division is checked in detail first fall to be treated again. Be the operation and so on that can carry relevant a few plastic commonly will have repair, still need to go to normal hospital making relevant inspection before do nevertheless, next the doctor is met the circumstance according to you, look how to undertake repair has been compared after all.

The small fingernail on the foot the toenail that answer look feature is the small fingernail on the foot as ” break off ” became two half, of outboard small, of inside big. Also the armour of little finger armour on some person feet is thick, not complete.

 Plastics of fingernail deformation rehabilitate

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The configuration of armour has two kinds of kinds, one kind is to have two valve composition, there is one break on toenail namely, say for double valve model, another kind is form by a complete toenail, there is break on toenail namely, say for univalve model. Double valve for dominance character, univalve model for recessive.

The configuration of little finger Jia Fuzhi on this kind of foot, exist generally in East Asia area, appear in person of the Han nationality frequency is highest, folklore is the mark of Shanxi large pagoda tree. Have those who say answer foot comes from Hun, have1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Say to come from ancient Qiang person, have say to come from Manchu, anyhow says what have.

The configuration of little finger Jia Fuzhi on the foot is not deformation, because he does not have functional obstacle. The configuration of little finger Jia Fuzhi on the foot also has defer feature, some people are not behaved in one’s childhood, growth of the ability after manhood is apparent.

The Han nationality has biforked, also have what do not divide, south is less than north. Other people has biforked, also have not biforkedShanghai night net

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Higher pressure and clash produced to the side outside bound feet foot when walk, bring about Pian foot.

 Plastics of fingernail deformation rehabilitate

So valve shape armour is mixed racial, did not concern hereditarily. If have, genetic also may be little toe the first articulatory rigidity and little toe evaginate. Valve shape armour just behaves a form, is not genetic content. With sheet / double-fold eyelid, it is two complete things.