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Article introduction

Bring about snored reason to have a lot of, work by day for example too overworked, after perhaps drinking, may appear snored phenomenon, additional if the body is too fat, this also is to cause a when snore main reason, snore moderately won’t cause an effect to health, but snore more severeA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Heavy, what can affect respiratory system is healthy, can be improved through regular methodForum of Shanghai noble babyNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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This kind of snored phenomenon, we will understand.

 How to alleviate snore

How to alleviate snore

1, loll exercise

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This movement is very simple, endeavor to extend the tongue, retractile will endeavor to extend again, circulate so, do above at least 200 times, feel very acerbity till pharynx antrum.

2, dry gargle exercise

Brush his teeth in the morning like us gargle is same, not hydrous, rise cheek beat, again retractile go, circulate so, do above at least 200 times, feel very acerbity till pharynx antrum. Hydrous gargle also but.

3, sweep gum exercise

This movement, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks to be able to fill kidney, the side outside sweeping a tooth quickly with the tongue (cheek side) gum, lick palatine gum first, fast from left sweep right, again from right sweep left, do 50 timesLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Above. Lick the gum of chin with the law next, feel very acerbity till pharynx antrum.

4, coil the tongue practices

Such doing is met when a lot of people practice English, actually it still can prevent to snore. The tongue is supporting palatine, coil backward forcibly tongue, do not leave palatine, do above 50 times, feel very acerbity till soft palate.

 How to alleviate snore

Why can snore

1, fat

Fat person cervical and deposit overmuch adipose, it is to cause breathShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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The road is narrow and appear one of snored reasons.

2, sleep appearance

Also some of person white climate enrages as good as constant, when sleeping, as a result of gas all round muscle tension bring down, together with lies on his back a tongue when Morpheus drop after the root, can cause spirit way stricture likewise, those who affect air current is successful through.

3, the age

After the male is 35 years old, the occurence rate that snores after woman the turn of life rises, this and function of senile and fat, muscle drop wait for an element to all have affinity. In children and adolescent although have,snore, but rate is inferior.

 How to alleviate snore

4, disease

Besides above beyond a few kinds of reasons, because oneself disease is caused,still having a few is, for instance: Reason of ① , nose ministry: Nasal septum slants music, polypous, nosepiece hypertrophy, reason of ministry of the; ② such as fleshy of hyperaemia of nose mucous membrane, chronic rhinitis, pharynx: Tonsil and gland shape form increase hypertrophy, uvula hypertrophy, soft palate hypertrophy hangs low, glossal body hypertrophy is; ③ , congenital anatomize deformation: Mandible bone growth is unbalanced (be like) of small jaw deformation, mandible bone retraction.